Liz London

Dallas, TX
“Juxtaposed arrangements, with dreamlike, global inferences, embody Liz London’s carefully balanced compositions. Her collages have vintage appeal as well as contemporary markings and taunt the viewer with playfulness and promised memories. These assemblage reliefs hint at specific narratives and, in some cases, are filled with cryptic messages.” Artist Statement: “My artistic process combines layered applications of painting, drawing, smudging, rubbing, texturing, and collaging on handmade papers and surfaces using photographs and objects from all over the word.” Artist Bio: Liz London creates from an inner world of beauty. Her energy provides a lens to a fleeting place called peace of mind and her art reflects her innermost visions. Many of her pieces are satirical and fun, and some have a double meaning, suggesting irony. She is self-taught and intuitive based, rather relying only on intellect. It is through found objects and recycled materials she expresses her day-to-day feelings. Her processes involve layering a variety of materials including photographs, paint, glue, oils or pastels, lacquer and beeswax. Originally from Oklahoma, London has since lived all over the United States. She has exhibited in New York City, Oklahoma, Florida, California, Texas and Arizona and was recently featured in The Robert Rauschenberg Tribute Exhibition held in Port Arthur, Texas. This exhibition was curated by Susan Davidson of the Guggenheim Museum, New York City.