James Francis

James Francis is a UK based Motion Graphics Artist and Director. His distinctive visual approach has enabled him to pave a career in the motion graphics industry working across a multi disciplined field. Whilst his origins lie with creating unique and engaging moving image experiences for brands and stadium events his expressive approach to his work has enabled him to explore pathways in media art. With a subject matter which often focuses on human form he presents his work in a unique graphic style, leading to vibrant digital works which take the audience on imaginative journeys into the themes of his topics.

James Francis: " I enjoy uniting the abstract and reality, taking people on imaginative journeys and exploring storytelling by the use of inventive digital methods".

With a portfolio of work detailing countless collaborations between film makers, programmers, musicians, lighting designers and choreographers, James' work spans a variety of disciplines. He is privileged to have worked with numerous brands and agencies including Wella, U2, Footlocker, HP and Saatchi & Saatchi.