I am a photographer, digital artist, graphic & web designer, wordy rhyming driveler, serial hugger, technological tinkerer, world traveler, animal lover, origami enthusiast and a fancier of fashion, music and alternative pop culture. I have a great passion for the general experience of life and for exploring that passion through my photographs, digital creations and other art. I am inspired by the future, the past, the inner space and outer space... Space and time really excite me! I take pop culture in and I spit it back out... I shape it and rearrange it... I believe that everything is a sum of something greater! Perspective is everything... My digital artwork is created by combining and manipulating photographs, emoticons or other media into representations of the visions that can only be found within my mind's eye... Things aren't always as they seem! I hunt, collect, react, dissect, and envision! I dream... Please check out my art: http://www.budgie.tv

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