Personal Fictions

Drawing inspiration from the works of Primo Levi; a columnist, inventor of new ideas and concepts, and legendary holocaust author, Terry Flaxton has created two new pieces; Metamir and Parachronon in his ongoing inquiry into literary inspired artworks.

Flaxton's new collection Personal Fictions presents these two Primo Levi inspired works, as well as another piece Cloud Sculptures Over the Atacama Desert, inspired by the writing of J.G. Ballard. In Personal Fictions, Flaxton explores new mechanisms and procedures within the stories that influenced Levi’s imagination. Both Metamir and Parachronon are visualisations of the workings of the essence of Levi’s stories.

"In this collection one work is a visualisations of Levi’s imaginary object, the Metamir, which is a mirror that can reveal the soul of the person wearing the Metamir to the person looking at them - a Metamir is effectively a metaphysical mirror. The Parachronon however, is not a mechanism, it is a procedure - which Levi does not explain." – Terry Flaxton

In Parachronon, Flaxton produces the subjective experience of the subject undergoing a quantum procedure - a procedure which involves manipulating the neurone pathways in a person’s brain to change the person’s perception of the flow of time.

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