Ommery De Zutter

Ghent, Belgium
De Zutter Ommery is a Belgian digital artist who studied engineering-architecture at the University of Ghent. His studies in architecture left him wondering what space might look like in a digital society. He began on a journey to unravel the possiblities provided by digital space and researches the aesthetics and role of the architect in these new developments. His artworks come forth out of commisioned real-estate projects where the client asks him to provide photorealistic images of soon to be buildings. He deems the recreation of real space through digital production as a ridiculous process. Nevertheless, he struggles finding himself being an artist and feels guilty of not participating in normal societal structures. When he is working in a coffee bar he questions the value of his art. The realization that he is condensing all this energy society creates; the farmer providing the coffee beans, the construction of the coffee bar, the people working there, the electricty running through his laptop detoriating the materials in his laptop, all that just to create the images he wants to create. Therefore, he decided to also fill the needs of society and current economics through these real-estate projects and wants to continue doing so. The end result is a duality between these polished real-estate images and spaces which he then transforms and experiments on to create new works.