MIRA Digital Arts Festival featuring FIELD and Alba G. Corral

MIRA Digital Arts Festival featuring FIELD and Alba G. Corral

MIRA Digital Arts Festival returns for another year to Fabra I Coats, Barcelona from 8th to 10th November 2018. This eclectic festival is based on three interconnected areas: exhibition, dissemination and education with a focus on digital culture and technology. Its programmes are comprised of digital art installations, conferences, 3D sound shows, presentations and workshops and more. This year’s theme will look at the exploration of pleasure as a means of artistic expression and its relationship with the digital world.

The festival will showcase an eclectic range of artists including Aisha Devi feat. Emile Barret, Eartheater and Tangerine Dream who will be performing over the 3 days. One of the performances taking place as part of Live A/V will be El Sueno de Hyparco deconstructing Ambientes Hormonales feat. Alba G. Corral. Formed by Spanish artist Antonio Dyaz (aka Klaus Bohlmann), El Sueno de Hyparco was the notable Madrid-based project formed in the mid-80s.

In 1990 they created a conceptual record that was a multimedia project turned record called Ambientes Hormonales. In collaboration with Barcelona-based visual artist and activist Alba G. Corral, “Deconstructing Ambientes Hormonales” will be a performance-based piece developed from original sound material from the album. As such, this show promises to be a very unique experience.

Running alongside the festival for the three days from the 8th November and continuing on until 16th December, will be the first ever exhibition project by MIRA. Titled ‘THE SEARCH FOR (modern) PLEASURE’, this exhibit will explore the connection between art and technology seeks to explore pleasure as an artistic expression. It will feature works by Brooke Candy, Claire Toman and Kirsten Lepore.

One of the contributors to this exhibition is the digital art studio FIELD, who will be presenting “Forays: Scan I-IV Collection”, courtesy of Sedition. This collection is comprised of four computer-generated pieces that explore different elements such as shape, materials, colours, mobility and how new technologies can fuse the abstract and the figurative form, sensual perception and synesthetic experiences.

The exhibition will be shown on the 1st floor at Fabra I Coasts Centre d’Art Contemporani and is open to the public until 16th December. Read more over on the MIRA festival website.

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