LoVid Aluminism artwork and silk scarf

LoVid Aluminism artwork and silk scarf

This Mother’s Day give an inspired gift - a limited edition artwork and silk scarf by New York artist duo LoVid.

Known for their experimentation at the boundaries of new and archaic media and of digital and analogue techniques of art making, LoVid have woven together video art and textiles in their recently launched work Aluminism. The artwork bundle includes a video art piece and a limited edition silk art scarf, exclusively designed for Sedition.

Aluminism is a moving image tapestry combining earth tones with bright, technological colours. Drawing inspiration from textile design and from the idea of immersion into a landscape, this audio-visual work simulates constant motion in a composition of patterns, rhythms, and disruptions. The accompanying scarf, made of real silk and designed using patterns from the video piece, connects digital and physical realms. Through wearable texture and colour, the patterns and rhythms of the video work become touchable and tangible. The video work can be projected onto the scarf to bring another, performative, dimension to the artwork.

Kylin O'Brien modelling the Aluminism scarf. Styled and produced by Zhuoyuan li and Kaiqi Cai.

To make sure your scarf arrives in time for Mother’s Day, please order your edition of Aluminism by Monday 6 May.

In addition to Aluminism, LoVid are releasing a number of new artwork collections in 2019. The first of these, ReactionBubble (Public Space) is now available and makes an ideal accompaniment to Aluminism. A second new collection will also launch in May. LoVid were interviewed by Greg J. Smith in November 2018 on their practice and approach to digital and analogue media; read the interview here.

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