James Goodwin

St. Petersburg, FL
American born developer James Goodwin (b. 1993) is known for compiling substantial amounts of surface data for his own personal studies. He is currently enrolled in school full-time, majoring in Business Management. In 2013, Goodwin established a database called Datainstalled, which is a "External hard drive" as he refers to it, but primarily a expansion project that focuses on geological/ecological assets. His processes are: "Analyze physical, scan, format digital, detail, upload." All of his studies/installments, as well as others in collaborative efforts, are saved to this external hard drive. Also in 2013, he developed a database, Skew Deck, which is a open source that supplies many tools to make it possible for these processes to take place in real-time. Having trouble determining whether he was a visual or kinesthetic learner, it wasn't until Goodwin acquired a projector, that he had come to realization he may be both a visual and kinesthetic learner. Now known for his projections, the developer has converted his studies into geological/graph art. For updates, follow @Datainstalled.