David Åberg is a digital sculptor and 3D animator. His pieces are created virtually and without limitations of gravity and materiality. From the imagination and the limitless starting point, his artistic handicraft is filtered through a digital pen and touch-sensitive drawing screens. Åberg’s tactile process is in this way transferred into algorithms, in dialogue between individual creativity and descriptive mathematics, that formulates into digital spatialities and sculptures.

"There is something very exciting in this technology and its relation to drawing. By drawing on the screen's two-dimensional surface I manipulate the geometry, which presents itself as three-dimensional objects. Furthermore, I see the media as a metaphor for the constructed, virtual and untouchable, and as raising questions about multidimensional realities and glitches in our communication." David Åberg is inspired by the growing gaming industry and film aesthetics with roots in art history, one might trace a clear relationship to natural forms in his practice, where the more strict language of technology transforms into rhythmic and decorative elements. David Åberg's sculptures are detailed and hyper-realistic, and simultaneously cause a transformation that turns away from our physical reality. In his universe - in the electronic, non-tactile version of reality - he builds up a fictitious gallery of personalities and examines issues relating to identity, transhumanism and fictional emotions.