Fragile Ruptures

Fragile Ruptures is a new collection by Berlin-based media artist Dagmar Schürrer.

The works in Fragile Ruptures are multi-layered compositions, combinations of text, moving image, stills, abstract forms and experimentations on form, colour and physics in digital realm. The new collection presents three video works from Schürrer's video series titled Fibers and a central piece Ideal Deficiency.

Dagmar Schürrer often assembles found footage, digitally generated objects and animations, text, drawings and sound to form intricate video montages, evocative of painting, collage and poetry.

In Ideal Deficiency, Schürrer looks at ruptures and interferences and contrasts machine-like perfectionism and slickness with the vulnerability of the human body. Through her digital imagery, she usually reflects on the peculiar characteristics, societal or individual implications of digital space. The work deals with bodies and their subjectivization in an era of mechanized controls.

In Fibers the artist examines the possibility of transferring organic surfaces and structures into the digital realm. She imitates parameters like color, form, physics or haptics to filter out the essence of organic characteristics, all the while staying in her typical visual language of minimal and abstract forms, superimposed with rich and dense surfaces.

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