Drawing inspiration from nature, Biomes looks into Costas Picadas' bio-inspired digital practice. The collection includes selected works from the artist's two series ​titled Biomes and Biophilia.

Picadas' practice is predominantly inspired by science – namely immunology and biology, human cells and the way the human body functions. He is interested in the therapeutic potential of art that aims to cure or heal similar to the mission of medicine. Costas Picadas explores the relationship between mind and matter in works that surround and embrace the viewer in their soft yet complex environments.

Biophilia is a part of Costas Picadas' ongoing exploration of metaphysical textures in the universe. Drawing inspiration from a biblical passage that suggests breath is what powers all life, in Biophilia the artist interrogates the power and impact of breathing in all matter. The works imitate patterns of human breath that embody a deep dimensional expression. Comprised of multiple layers that shift and twist, and emerge and recede, the artist symbolically examines quantum physics theories of expansion and contraction of the universe.

"The Biophilia series is a meditation on all that is living, even down to the microscopic scale, and how all living things share a common reality. That awareness, that conscious acknowledgement of even the smallest derivatives of life feels like love to me." Costas Picadas

Biomes revolves around the phenomenon of 'biomes' and the human body as a full ecosystem and the transfer of information via cell division. The series speaks of metaphysical issues about the very nature of existence. In his multi-layered videos the positive and negative space resulting from the depicted branches and blossoms, become metaphors for spirit and matter.

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