Hi I am an artist musician, innovator and business man and I've been creating art and music and other products since I was 10, along with other skills I have produced my products for a public audience, they are meant to create a unique experance for the people who indulge in the art and artistic interpretation i apply to my work, the art on this platform is only available here and is completely unique, so cannot be found anywhere else however I do have on other platforms musical pieces available for audition as well, and i do take pride in my originality and quality, the pieces are artisticaly produced so you’re assured an amazing experience with the productions available and I hope they give you a lot of pleasure, if so there is the added availability to own my art, so feel free to enjoy them and add them to your personnel collection, and i thank you for your purchases, i own and created all the masters and there not available anywhere else but on this platform so i hope the art is inspiring and i wish to thank you for viewing and i hope you have a great day and a great year ahead Clive McNally